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Most effective Brevo automation workflows


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These are the most effective Brevo marketing automation workflows and results you can achieve with them

Brevo is a powerful marketing automation platform that helps businesses create effective email marketing campaigns. Over the years, it has developed several flows that businesses can successfully use to achieve their goals. In this article, we discuss Brevo’s best-performing flows and look at their average results. By doing so, we want to inspire companies to create more effective campaigns themselves.


Welcome series workflow


The welcome series (welcome series flow) is one of the most widely used and best performing flows in Brevo. A welcome series is an automated email series that new subscribers receive as soon as they sign up for your mailing list. This flow is crucial for building a good relationship with your subscribers and encouraging engagement. Data from Brevo shows that welcome series have an average open rate of 50% and click rate of 15%. This flow helps businesses welcome new customers and build a relationship, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of conversion.


Abandoned cart workflow


Another highly effective flow within Brevo is the shopping cart abandonment (abandoned cart) flow. The abandoned cart reminder is an email flow that customers receive when they have left products in their shopping cart without checking out. This flow helps businesses recover lost sales by reminding customers to complete their purchase. According to Brevo, abandoned cart emails have an average open rate of 45% and a click rate of 10%, with a conversion rate of 2.5%. The success of this flow is due to the targeted and timely approach to potential buyers, resulting in higher conversion rates and fewer abandoned shopping carts.


Re-engagement campaign workflow


Re-engagement campaigns are designed to reactivate inactive subscribers and renew their interest in your products or services. These campaigns can include emails with special offers, product updates or reminders of the benefits of being a subscriber. On average, this flow generates an open rate of 25% and a CTR of 5%. An effective reactivation campaign includes a strong call-to-action and possibly an exclusive offer to entice customers to return to the company.


Upsell and cross-sell campaign workflow


Upsell and cross-sell campaigns are designed to encourage existing customers to purchase additional products or services. These emails can include personalized recommendations, special offers or bundles. Brevo research shows that upsell and cross-sell campaigns achieve an average open rate of 30% and click rate of 8%.


Birthday campaigns workflow

Birthday campaigns automation workflow (or birthday flow) are an excellent way to surprise and reward customers. Brevo offers an automated flow that allows companies to send personalized emails on their customers’ birthdays. This flow achieves an average open rate of 35% and a CTR of 8%. By surprising customers with an exclusive discount or special offer on their birthday, companies build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Brevo’s best performing flows such as welcome sequences, abandoned cart reminders and re-engagement campaigns can contribute significantly to improving your email marketing results. By strategically deploying these automated email flows, you can not only increase open and click rates, but conversions will also increase significantly. It is smart to set up a wide range of flows within your webshop that are personalized to the behavior of your target audience.

Source: www.brevo.com

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