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Email marketing white label
partner collaboration

We also offer our email marketing services white label for our partners. Thus, we become an extension of your organization and you can calculate your own margin on the hours sold.

Email marketing partner collaboration

The email and SMS package can be offered to your customers through our white label partnership. Whether you want to expand your services with marketing automation or outsource work, you determine the margin on your hours. We offer several packages. For each package, we provide insight into what the normal customer investment (on average) would be relative to the chosen white label package. Customization can always be chosen too!

White label collaboration benefits:

Our email automation packages

Basic email package

The basic package is ideal for clients who are completely new to email marketing automation and want to get the basics in order.

Advanced email package

The advanced package is designed for customers who are interested in adding additional email automation tactics and functionalities and want to work with segments to accelerate the growth of their business.

Professional email package

The professional package is designed for customers with a large customer base who already have success with email automation on another platform, but are interested in switching to Klaviyo to get even more out of email and SMS marketing with new functionality and attribution capabilities. They want to outsource email automation strategy, execution, planning and reporting as much as possible.

Yes, I want to become a partner!

All our services at a glance


Starting with automation

Through our onboarding package, our team helps you to get started quickly with automated e-commerce campaigns.

Content & creation

Catch more conversions

Campaigns with a compelling and strong story, are the ones that win. It provides more interaction and they capture more clicks and conversions.


We are happy to help you

We have extensive marketing support in the form of documentation, manuals and a help desk (expert advice and support).


Always keep learning

We offer hands-on training so your team can quickly get up and running with your chosen email software.