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For Rietpolis, a subsidiary of VLC & Partners, we rolled out a marketing automation prospecting strategy within Klaviyo. You don’t just buy a house with a thatched roof; you simply fall in love with it. Reed is typically Dutch and extremely durable. Therefore, a house with thatched roof is worth protecting properly.

Rietpolis is a specialist in insuring homes with thatched roofs. The challenge for Rietpolis, thatched roof insurer, was that there were many prospects who had started an offer process but ultimately did not complete it.

Higher customer engagement and more direct conversions via email with the right use of Klaviyo

About this case

Qlikflow advised and guided Rietpolis with the technical set-up of Klaviyo (marketing automation tool), the link with Zapier to SharpSpring (CRM Automation package) and the development of an ‘abandoned quotation flow’, in which after step 1 of the quotation process, the e-mail address was captured so that the prospect could be approached with a personalized or in house style follow-up mail.


Given the high relevance of follow-up emails with prospects, the open rate of emails is 73%. Of all recipients, 16% click through within the emails and 8% still complete the quote request via a personal phone call with Reed Policy or directly through the website. This is above the average B2C email conversion rate of 3.1%.

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