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Higher engagement with existing-and new-customers via email


Rabe Fashion






The webshop Rabe Fashion (Germany) sells clothes for women 35+. Over the years, they have built an extensive database of quality email addresses that they plan to use for re-activation and upselling. Qlikflow helped Rabe Fashion with the complete technical setup of the email software package Sendinblue.

Higher customer engagement and more direct conversions via email with the right use of Brevo

About this case

Rabe Fashion’s main email marketing goals are to collect more email addresses through the website and to increase engagement and upselling to existing customers.

Qlikflow set up an email subscription process via a form on the webshop and developed a pop-up that is shown after 5 seconds where users receive a discount on their first order in exchange for their contact information. All data is also put directly into Sendinblue automatically.


Across all email campaigns within Sendinblue, we see an average open rate of a whopping 29%. This is well above the average benchmark of 18%. So the contacts in the database are very involved with the brand and the products.

To remain further focused on quality email results, we continue to continuously test new email campaigns and automated email campaign flows within Sendinblue. Among other things, a welcome campaign and an abandoned cart flow.

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