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For Abloom Skincare’s webshop, unique vegan and organic skincare products, our team devised and implemented a strategic and tactical email automation approach within Klaviyo. The main marketing objective is to activate the full range of skin care products to existing and new customers, targeting.

Higher customer engagement and more direct conversions via email with the right use of Klaviyo

About this case

We started with an analysis of the current e-mail marketing situation. During this analysis, several quick-wins immediately emerged in terms of data, connection to Shopify and existing automation flows. Based on all insights and areas for improvement, a backlog of actions was developed.

After Klaviyo was completely put in order, we worked with the customer to design new automated email flows that seamlessly aligned with the marketing objectives, namely: to steer towards a unique and personalized customer experience, higher customer engagement (loyalty) and more direct transactions in the web shop.

Some examples of email automation flows that have been realized:


In the first 3 months after Klaviyo account redesign and go-live of all email automation campaigns, we saw an 18% increase in engagement via email communications. Direct purchases via e-mail, mainly through the abandoned card flow and sample upselling flow, also increased an average of 15%.

To stay focused on quality results, our team continues to continuously A/B test subject lines, copy and creation, test dynamic personalization features within emails and launch campaign pilots within push notifications and SMS.

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