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Optimize SMS opt-ins for mobile and desktop shoppers


Menno Schreven





Klaviyo has a new feature for SMS opt-in forms.

You can now use dynamic blocks within the login form builder within Klaviyo. This allows you to publish one form optimized for collecting phone numbers from both desktop and mobile customers. This eliminates the need to create multiple forms that collect SMS consent. The dynamic blocks now allow you to specify which content is shown to which customers.

When it comes to signing up for text messages, mobile shoppers are more likely to sign up via tap-to-text, while desktop shoppers prefer to enter their phone number. Dynamic blocks allow you to show mobile and desktop shoppers the best (and highest converting) way to give their consent – while growing your texting audience out of one form.

You can even use the dynamic blocks to show one CTA button to mobile customers with an exclusive offer to sign up for text messages, and a different version of the CTA for desktop customers. Dynamic blocks can be used for text, images or even action buttons.

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